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8. November 2023

A PFAS-free future

A PFAS-free future Author Dr. Bettina Plaumann The route to sustainable packaging Food packaging that is discoloured and has grease stains is completely unacceptable! After all, packaging – even if its made of paper or cardboard – is not simply expected to protect the product; it is also expected to whet the appetite for the […]Read more

29. September 2023

What are MOSH and MOAH?

MOSH and MOAH are chemical substances that can be found in mineral oil. They can contaminate food and are potentially toxic to humans.Read more

12. September 2023

Unlocking Circular Economy with EVAL™ EVOH

In a world where sustainability takes center stage, packaging’s journey doesn’t end with its initial use. Packaging structures that contain EVAL™ EVOH are leading the way in promoting circularity and redefining the recycling landscape. Read more

24. August 2023

Thermoplastic starch (TPS): A green, biodegradable plastic

Thermoplastic starches (TPS) are a renewable, abundant, and biodegradable material for food packaging and more.Read more