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Unlocking Circular Economy with EVAL™ EVOH

Author Dr. Bettina Plaumann

Paving the Way for Recycling Innovation 

In a world where sustainability takes center stage, packaging’s journey doesn’t end with its initial use. Packaging structures that contain EVAL™ EVOH are leading the way in promoting circularity and redefining the recycling landscape. 

EVAL™ EVOH: A Recycling-Friendly Solution 

Fact: Packaging structures infused with EVAL™ EVOH don’t disrupt polyolefin recycling streams. Based on the levels of multilayer EVOH packaging typically found in the polyolefin recycling stream, our studies revealed the recycled polyolefins can be processed and utilized in a full range of applications without impact on the physical properties compared to recycled  polyolefins alone. 

Committed to Circular Economy 

Fact: Kuraray is at the forefront of championing sustainability and circularity. Our dedication to the circular economy is unwavering, and we’ve extensively investigated the recyclability of EVOH to ensure its harmony with environmental goals. 

Circular Economy

Leading the Charge with Biocircular EVOH

Fact: Kuraray proudly stands as the first EVOH producer to offer biocircular EVOH with ISCC PLUS certification in Antwerp/Belgium — a momentous achievement. This certification is grounded in the mass-balance approach, solidly attesting that the ethylene monomer in EVAL™ is derived from renewable resources. This groundbreaking milestone reaffirms our dedication to eco-friendly innovation

Endorsed by experts 

Fact: In Europe, recycling organizations like Ceflex and RecyClass provide guidance for packaging recycling and in the US, the APR sets the standard with regularly updated guidelines – all of them encompass EVOH. These benchmarks reflect the latest insights, underscoring our commitment to evolving recycling practices. 

EVAL™ EVOH is not just a barrier—it’s a bridge to a more sustainable and circular packaging ecosystem.

EVAL™ in the News: Breaking Ground in Sustainable Packaging 

Discover the article in Sustainable Packaging News, where Didier Houssier, Global Market Development Director at Kuraray, discusses the remarkable journey of EVAL™ EVOH in the world of sustainable packaging.

Read the full interview: https://spnews.com/packaging-materials-design/

Join us in exploring how EVAL™ EVOH is transforming packaging materials for a circular economy, promoting recyclability, and reducing environmental impact. Together, we’re shaping a more sustainable future.


Have questions about EVAL™ EVOH’s role in recycling or want to explore more about circular packaging? Contact us and let’s collaborate for a greener future in packaging!  

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